Resources for Painting

Art and Artists:

The Painters Table – a collection of painting blogs, with historical and contemporary painters.

Frida Kahlo
The Frida Kahlo Foundation: on the life and times of Frida Kahlo:




The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Claude Monet: 

out of focus: top right




The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Chinese painting: h2_1973.120.1



Hi Fructose Magazine “Paintings” search (contemporary work from around the world): 

14958874052_8042448d0d_oPainting by Chinese artist Ying Yefu








Turkish Artists (good overview of art history, movements, though I wish they had more samples of their work): 




Work by Bedri Baykam


Formal Principles of Chinese Brush painting: 

The “Flemish” Technique for oil painting: 

“Alla prima”  (wet layers of paint on top of wet layers of paint) for oil painting: 

oil painting lesson