Choosing a Theme

Choosing a Theme/Area of Focus

Your goal is to choose a topic that you will focus on in your investigations and studio work. You should pick a topic that you are very interested in, something that will remain interesting to you throughout the 2 year course. Your theme can evolve over time, but all your work should be connected in some way.

Try to pick a topic that you have a personal connection to. If it’s too broad, (i.e., “Color in painting”) it will be hard for you to focus your research/ideas. If it’s too narrow (i.e., “Impressionistic painting styles”) it may be hard for you to investigate ideas and artwork from other cultures, and different art media. Through making idea clouds and individual conferences, I will help you find the “sweet spot” with your topic.

Art Through Time: A Global View. Themes explored through visual art with great visual examples/videos.

IB Survival Message board where students share their themes 

Themes to Explore in Art.

Picking a Theme in IB Art: Themes and Filters. A different strategy for choosing a theme.