Process Portfolio – 40%


Process Portfolio Example “screen” by Brad Ingimundsun

9 – 18 screens for SL, showing at least two “art making forms”
13 – 25 screens for HL, showing at least three “art making forms”

Your process portfolio mainly comes from your visual arts journal. It includes artist investigations, investigations into different media  learning new techniques, reflections, evidence of revision (before and after photos with notes), and experiments that led to your final pieces.

When you submit your final Process Portfolio to IB, it will be graded on the following:

  1. Skills, Techniques and Processes
  2. Critical Investigation of Artists, Artworks and Artistic Genres
  3. Communication of Ideas and Intentions
  4. Reviewing, Refining Reflecting
  5. Presentation and Subject-Specific Language

I strongly suggest keeping a folder in GoogleDrive that includes all the photos that become part of your art journal, so you can easily add them to your digital slide show during Year 2.