L4 Semester 1 Assignments

Semester 1 Assignments for L4 IB VA Class of 2016

1. Art for Social Change Presentation from Class, including videos, resources, homework details and assignment details

Homework due Tuesday, September 29: Investigate a social issue that is relevant in Izmir, Turkey. (25 points)

1. Take many primary observation photos of the problem you noticed.
2. Paste at least 10 personal photos into your art journal.
3. Annotate your photos – where did you go? What did you observe?
4. Fill at least 1 page in your art journal, research the problem in Izmir. Look for news articles, statistics and other sources that describe the issue.

Remember to CITE your sources.

Possibilities include (but are not limited to):
- pollution (land, sea, air…)
- animal rights/animal control
- people whose voices are marginalized (women, LGBT, immigrants, children, others?)
- beauty standards
- abuse (animals, children, women, other groups)
- effects of the Syrian Crisis

Due Wednesday, September 30:
Investigate a different culture where this issue is being addressed successfully (25 points)

We will start this part during class time on September 29. At least 1 full page. Must cite sources.

Due Thursday, October 1: Investigate an artists or art form connected to this social issue (you can use artists from the PowerPoint!) 25 points

Studio Work due Tuesday, October 20
On Tuesday morning, we’ll have a Special Guest Critique

(New) Revisions due November 3

SCAMPER and Mind Maps

October 21 – intro to SCAMPER and Mind Map Techniques

1. How to Make a Mind Map from Student Art Guide

Mindmap by tlemermeyer on Flickr

2. SCAMPER video by Amanda Graham: SCAMPER with Smarties

S – substitute (how will changing one or more elements change its meaning or appearance?)
C – combine (what ideas, artists or art forms could be combined to make something new?)
A – alter, adapt
M – modify, magnify or minify
P - put to other use (re-purpose)
E – eliminate, or explode
R – rearrange, reverse, or replace

Due October 27: At least 4 Process Portfolio Pages in your art journal
Must include:
- idea development (SCAMPER or Mindmap)
- sketches for a project
Choice pages:
- primary observations (photos and/or sketches)
- artist research
- topic research
- media experiments
… or other research relevant to your topic
Due November 12 - Studio Work, Critique Ready
Due November 17 - (HW) Reflection, including in-progress photos

 Istanbul Overnight Field trip November 21-22

(or alternative assignment) due November 24
Click here for the Alternative Assignment Rubric;

D.A.I.J. Technique for Critiquing Visual Art

Describe: What do you see? What is it? How does it appear? How are the elements of art used?

Analyze: How are the elements organized into principles? How do the artist’s decisions affect how viewers see the work?

Interpret: What is the concept/meaning? What does the artist want viewers to understand? What is the function and purpose of the artwork?

Judge: Based on D, A, and I, which parts are successful? Which parts are weak? How can the artist improve the work?

Comparative Study

Classwork November 16 – November
Final, Digital Draft due December 24.

Revisiting Comparative Study and Art-making Forms

2-D, 3-D, Screen-based
Connections to your comparative study artists (for HL students)

Identify your own personal needs in your portfolio; develop a new studio project, or expand on a previous project.

Develop at least 2 new art journal pages in preparation of your project.

Guest Critique (artwork due): December 22, 50 points.


Final Process Portfolio Outline

Final Process Portfolio Outline (copy and paste into a new presentation to get started.)