L3 Semester 2 Assignments

L3 Semester 2 Assignments

Photography by Eric Pare

Photography Unit
Process Portfolio Activities:
- Artist Researrch
- Manual Photography Skills: aperture, shutter speed, exposure and more
- Light, Perspective and Texture:
- Photoshop Skills: open/save, curves, cropping, adjustment layers, selection tools and more
- Double Exposure Technique

At least six strong, edited photos

Due Dates:

  • Instagram Challenge - 10 topics due January 11
  • 30 Photos related to your theme/concept due January 14
  • 5 Edited Photos and 1 Double Exposure – professionally printed
    - due Monday February 15 (10 point homework, 50 point project grade)
    - shortest side must be at least 20 cm long
    - Suggested printing shop: Cntrl+P in Alsancak: http://www.kontrolp.com.tr/ 
  • Digital Process Portfolio pages: digital contact sheet, accurate use of art specific art vocabulary, reflection with before-and-after photos - due Monday February 15
    Click here for the Process Portfolio Outline

Art-making Forms

2-D, 3-D and screen-based art forms

How can one art-making form evolve into a new art-making form?
Your challenge: choose one or more “screen-based” photographs and use them to inform a work of art which is 2-D or 3-D.

Process Portfolio Activities:
- Clarifying your theme/concept development
- Digital Process Portfolio: Three new pages that show 2-D experiments, 3-D experiments, and screen-based experiments

Due Thursday, February 18:
In your art journal:
- Mindmap or other planning that shows how your theme is evolving (10 points)
- 1-2 pages that show how you are developing a plan to make a 2-D or 3-D work connected to your photography unit (10 points)

Friday, February 26
Studio Work Due (Critique)

Comparative Study

What is the Comparative Study?

  • Select three works with a common thread (due Thursday, March 11)
  • Optional Process Portfolio revisions (Photography and Art-making forms) due Friday, March 12
  • DAIJ Critique – one piece, in GoogleSlide CS – due Monday March 14
  • DAIJ Critiques for two remaining pieces - due Thursday, March 17

Street Art Unit

Street Art Presentation from Class including examples, suggested artists

1. Street Artist Study

  • 1-2 pages (25 points) due Monday, March 21
  • Include:

- at least one photo of the artist’s work
- artwork title (if no title, write “unknown” or “untitled”)
- artist’s name (pseudonym is fine)
- year artwork was created
- where the artwork is (country? City? As specific as can be)
- medium (material/artform)
- Source (of image, info)

  • Describe and Analyze - what is the subject (topic)? What does the viewer see first? How are the elements and principles used?
  • Interpretation of Function- what is the purpose of this street art? Support with quotes from your artist whenever possible (search on Google for interviews, personal websites, etc)
  • Technique analysis- how exactly does this artist create his/her work? Techniques include wheatpaste, stickers, stencils, freehand spraypaint, painting with a brush, and more…be very specific!

2. Personal Street Art Experiments (Thursday March 17-18) – 25 points

Wheatpaste? Stencil? Yarn-bombing? 3-D installation? Painting techniques? Other?

Street Art Installation Critique on Monday May 9 (50 points)
Second Artwork Critique (related to street art techniques) Friday May 13  (50 points)

Color Theory HW - worksheet here.
Due Friday, May 5 (25 points)

Links and resources for Color Theory HW:

Tiger Color: http://www.tigercolor.com/color-lab/color-theory/color-theory-intro.htm#

Color Theory Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=59QGexKdFUI
Vibrating Color:http://www.jaimetreadwell.com/DCCC-Vibrating-color-project.htm

Relative Color: http://www.about.thomaskenneth.com/theory-tech/relativity.php

Cari Werz’ Color Theory collection:http://cariwerz.weebly.com/color-theory.html

 Due Monday, May 16

Color Theory Assignment 2: directions


Ekphrastic Artwork – homework challenge

Ekphrastic poetry is a type of poetry that vividly describes a work of art. See the examples below.

1. Homer’s The IlliadAchillesshieldWeb

And first Hephasestus makes a great and massive shield, blazoning well-wrought emblems all across its surface, raising a rim around it, glittering, triple-ply with a silver shield-strap run from edge to edge and five layers of metal to build the shield itself.”

2. Starry, Starry Night, lyrics and song by Don McLean:

3. A collection of Ekphastic Poems: http://www.ekphrastic.net/ 

4. Erika Iris’ music-inspired artwork: http://iri5.com/tape-art/

Work by Erika Iris

Work by Erika Iris


Your Challenge:

How can one art form be used to inspire another?

Find a song, poem, play or other art form that is directly related to your current theme. Create an original ekphrastic work of art that responds to and describes your chosen art form.

For class, bring a copy, image, or link to the original art form that inspired your ekphrastic artwork.