Exhibition / Studio Work – 40%

 IB Exhibition Examples

Exhibition photos from Cambridge High School. Notice how text is used on the floor to describe the student’s theme. How can you use text in creative ways in your own exhibition? http://www.cambridge.edu.jo/photoAlbum.aspx?id=620 

Here are some examples of IB Studio work by students from around the world. Please note, these examples reflect the OLD CURRICULUM (there is a new curriculum as of 2016.)

As you look, please notice:

- the range of materials and techniques used
- the range of technical ability shown by students (some are much more developed than others)
- what creates a sense of “unity” across the students work, or not. Does this student have an obvious focus/theme?


  • Two studio and IWB submissions from New Cairo British International School (Cairo, Egypt)
    The studio work in these examples is strong, displaying a wide variety of techniques, skills and approaches, including stencils, digital art (Photoshop), silk screen printing, observation drawings, painting, graphite storyboards, with some obvious connection to artists such as Banksy, Alexander Caulder, and others