Digital Photography

Digital Photography

This page is primarily for the Digital Photography elective at ACI, though IB students may also find some of these resources to be useful.

L2 Digital Photography

L3 Digital Photography

L4 Digital Photography


Resources for Photography Research

1. Gallery - Browse professional photographs by category.

2. The Lumiere Gallery - - Browse by artist, theme, or curated exhibitions

3. National Geography Photography – Nature, culture, people and more

4. The Photographers’ Gallery  - – Trying clicking on Exhibitions, or explore the samples on the front page

5. Hi-Fructose Magazine – Contemporary photography and other visual art

6. Photogrammar – search for photos from 1935-1945 taken in the United States -

Specific Photographers

1. Ansel Adams – American photographer and environmentalists, who is best known for his photographs of American West –


2. Annie Leibovitz - American portrait photographer, best known for her stunning photos of celebrities. 

3. Dorothea Lange - American photographer best known for her images of migrant families during the Great Depression -


4. Diane Arbus –  famous for her black and white photos of celebrities and regular people, which frequency expose their oddities.