Lauren Papot

artist + teacher

It has been my great joy to help children and adolescents learn to love and make art. As a New York State certified art teacher, I have taught a wide range of children and adults, from children as young as three years old, to graduating high school students preparing to enter competitive art universities, and every level in between. I also lead development workshops in art techniques and pedagogical strategies for adult learners.

I teach IB DP Visual Arts at the Berlin Brandenburg International School, where I chair the art department.

As an art teacher, I am a devotee of the materials-based, investigative and child-centered approaches of Nancy Smith and Lois Lord. I earned my Masters in Education at Bank Street College through the Leadership in the Arts program, where my thesis focused on social justice art education for children. At SUNY New Paltz, where I earned my bachelor’s degree, I studied art education with a painting concentration.